Gravitating I


Textile sculpture
100% cotton gauze, quilted and metal structure.
60x35x25 cm



A quilted textile fiber rotates around itself for a specific time, creating a series of contractions and expansions that generate a deformed but constant surface.
This work belongs to the Gravity collection.
This collection has been created under the conceptual premises offered by physics in relation to weight, the passage of time and the attraction of objects to each other.
At the same time, the result is reminiscent of a classic object such as a vase, pitcher or water container. Probably the first object created by the human being as a craftsman.
Water is the base element for the origin of life on Earth, our most present substance in the body, what we drop as tears.

With this object I want to honor the liquid element, the history of making with hands, the passage of time and its relativity, the physical contact and the dance of the universe that revolves on the same axis.

“Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which objects and fields of matter endowed with mass or energy are attracted to each other, an effect mostly observable in the interaction between planets, galaxies and other objects in the universe. It is one of the four fundamental interactions that cause the force experienced by a physical body in the vicinity of an astronomical object.”