Textil Design

Creative fabrics and fiber pieces applicable to the design and decoration of spaces.

We work to fully integrate our proposals with the architectures and with the people who live in them.

Organic Landscapes

Sample Wool Craft Carpet

Custom made


Organic Landscape carpets are made of 100% wool with mixed craft techniques: crochet, high warp loom and sewing. They are inspired in natural living spaces. Some of the pieces may remind us of beings seen f rom a microscope, but by enlarging the view they can come to resemble geographical landscapes seen from an airplane. The concept is to create sensory textile objects, with which to play, rest and develop the senses of sight and touch. This series of carpets are designed to inhabit a warm, natural and contemplative space. Nature is captured in their textures and the space becomes one with the one who enjoys them. This samples has been designed in raw and natural tones but we have a complete range of colours with which to make the most convenient combinations. In the same way the size and final shapes will be adapted to the space where each piece is to be installed.

We Design Textiles Surfaces

We adapt our craft techniques to any design project that requires a textile texture, surface or structure.
We create unlimited wefts, textures and colors.
The scale is not a limit, we create from the micro to the macro.

We have a sample of fabrics and prototypes to easily design future objects and installations. You can visit our studio and we will be happy to share it with you.

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